16 September 2021 | LISW | The Voyage to Decarbonisation

  • Published: 7 May 2021
  • Last updated: 6 Sep 2021
  • Date: 16 Sep 2021
  • Start time: 8:30 a.m.
  • End time: 10 a.m.

UK Chamber of Shipping
30 Park Street
England, SE1 9EQ


The Voyage to Decarbonisation event will convene senior executives from the four leading Classification Societies (DNV, LR, BV, ABS) – those directly responsible for enforcing shipping regulation – to discuss how the shipping companies can navigate the most disruptive period in the shipping history and head toward a sustainable low carbon shipping future.  The event will feature a thought-provoking debate around the IMO short-term measures, EU policy and the pitfalls of the IMO’s, carbon pricing, reforming of the shipping regulation and the evolving role of the classification societies to support this transition.


Short-term measures

In June, the IMO adopted a package of short-term measures. These were received with some criticism from Environmental NGOs and some ambitious countries. Based on your assessment, how ambitious are they? Will they deliver? Could there have been better alternatives? What shifts will be needed for shipping companies to deliver on those? Noting the tight timeline, how ready are the classification societies to support? Is there any long-term role in the IMO regulatory framework for the short-term measures?


Regional regulations and IMO

Recently the EU announced their climate change packages to regulate EU related international shipping. In your view, are the measures implementable and enforceable – will they meet their goals? What role will geopolitics play in the transition of international shipping? How will it affect the shipping industry and the role of the IMO? How can the industry ensure that the transition is as efficient as possible and how the IMO can remain relevant while not leaving no one behind?



A decade ago, the IMO failed to agree on MBMs for international shipping. As the IMO re-starts these discussions, what do you think has changed this time? Will it succeed to agree on these on time? What should the IMO do differently to bridge the gap between the ambitious and the less ambitious countries?


Regulatory framework

The pathway to decarbonisation will require hard choices and policies that are both effective and just. Is the current shipping regulatory framework appropriate to build on the necessary climate change policy, or will it require a fundamental overhaul? Which policies might work, and which might be counterproductive, and what reforms are needed? What systemic shocks do we expect these to cause to the way shipping companies operate today? How do you see the role of the Classification Societies evolving in the future?



08:30 – 09:00 – Registration, Tea / Coffee, Breakfast Baps

09:00-09:05 – Welcome by the President

09:05-09:15 – Shipping Minister, Robert Courts

09:15-10:00 – Panel Discussion (Chaired by the UKCOS President)

If you have any queries, please contact Priya Birk.