18 October 2021 | IMO Market-based-measures options for shipping

Members only
  • Published: 7 Oct 2021
  • Last updated: 12 Oct 2021
  • Date: 18 Oct 2021
  • Start time: 9:15 a.m.
  • End time: 11 a.m.

30 Park Street
London, SE1 9EQ

This is a member's only webinar that explores market-based measures (MBM) options, including hybrid solutions for the decarbonisation of international shipping. The webinar aims to educate and assist the UK Chamber's membership formulate an informed position on the preferred MBM option ahead of the Carbon Working Group meeting on 22 October and the IMO negotiations.

Title:  IMO Market-based-measures options for shipping webinar

Date: 18 October 2021


0915 Opening and Welcome words from John Denholm, President of the UK Chamber of Shipping

0925 Presentation on MBM and Hybrid options, Tore Longva, Principal Consultant, DNV

1000 Panel discussion

1100 End of the webinar



The UK Chamber's Supervisory Board has endorsed that MBMs are essential for the shipping industry to transition to decarbonisation and should be put in place by IMO as a matter of urgency. In this respect, the Carbon Working Group, through its MBM Expert Group, has been evaluating a number of MBM options. In particular, these include a cap-and-trade system, a baseline-and-credit system, the ICS GHG levy proposal and the recent hybrid concepts submitted to the IMO by Norway and the EU.

As members are aware, critical climate negotiations will take place at COP26 (1-12 November) and at the IMO MEPC 77 (22-26 November), where the above MBM options will be discussed. To enable the Chamber to influence and lead these discussions effectively, the Carbon Working Group has agreed to meet on 22 October from 0900-1100 to develop a Chamber's position, which will then be sent to the Supervisory Board for their endorsement via correspondence. The meeting of the Carbon Group is open to all members, so if your company does not already have a representative there, please get in touch with Anna Ziou for an invitation to be extended (aziou@ukchamberofshipping.com).

The webinar complements the Carbon Working Group meeting taking place on 22 October 2021. The webinar will explore what the MBM systems are and how they could be established for the shipping industry to provide the UK Chamber's membership with sufficient information to make an informed decision on the preferred option. The webinar will also include a panel discussion from the MBM Expert Group members, who will share their expert views and address any questions raised by the attendees.