In-service support for Type 31 frigates

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has a potential future requirement to provide an in-service support solution for five new Type 31 ‘Inspiration Class’ frigates that will be at the heart of the Royal Navy’s surface fleet, deterring aggression and maintaining the security of the UK’s interests across the globe.

The Royal Navy will require an efficient and economically viable Type 31 support solution that achieves the high levels of availability required to sustain operations at the intensity and global range that the UK’s defence commitments demand.

MOD therefore invites potential suppliers to a period of market engagement prior to the commencement of a potential future competition for the requirement. MOD is open to engaging with suppliers or consortia interested in offering a global ship support solution.

To find out more, register your interest now to attend MOD’s Market Engagement Launch. Click here for details:

Type31 Frigate Support Assessment Phase (T31 SAP) - Find a Tender(

Note: A Prior Information Notice (PIN) notifying the market of the above was first published to the Find A Tender Service website on 28th June 2021.

You must not take this announcement to mean confirmation that MOD shall award a contract for this requirement. The MOD is publishing this announcement without any commitment to issue a tender or place a contract. Accordingly, any expenditure, work or effort undertaken before contract award is a matter solely for the commercial judgement of potential suppliers. Announcements may also be published on the Defence Sourcing Portal, Contracts Finder or the Find a Tender service, as appropriate.