Bulletin: Environmental agreement

Since last Thursday the international shipping community has been meeting to discuss short-term measures to cut shipping’s carbon emissions, as well as plans for Market Based Measures (MBMs) and to consider a proposal to set up a $5bn research and development fund.

We know the meeting was tense, with differing views on the pace of change the industry needs to make. But despite this, important progress has been made. The short term measures agreed represent a sensible compromise, but we do need to see how these rules will be implemented. Despite these issues, we believe the power of the short-term measures is the signal that it sends to ship operators, charterers and the market to reduce their emissions and pursue a path to decarbonise.

The UK Chamber continues to believe that international regulations are the best way for the industry to reduce its emissions and reach the climate change targets set. We also continue to support the proposed $5bn global R&D fund but we recognise a lot of work needs to be done to get the support required by the next MEPC meeting in November.

Despite the tough negotiations, the importance of what was achieved at this session should not be underestimated and we will continue to do all we can to support the international shipping community in its progress towards its 2050 targets, cutting its emissions whilst facilitating an increase in global trade.

Away from MEPC, we have continued to progress our lobbying effort with the Scottish Government on cruise restart. We wrote an open letter asking the government for clarity and to end the puzzling and disappointing decision to ban passenger vessels from calling into the country's ports, achieving coverage in the Daily Telegraph, Scotsman and The Herald. Today we have met with the Scottish Tourism Minister Ivan McKee to continue to press our case with the Government.

As regular readers of my bulletin will know, safety is a key priority for me and everyone at the Chamber. I am delighted that the British Tugowners Association has released a new guidance publication on Rope Selection, Procurement and Use for tow ropes.  The guidance sets a methodical framework for operators and rope manufacturers to use together, examining operational, environmental and technical characteristics to find the optimal towing solution. You can read the document on our website.

Next Friday Stella Maris, one of our charity members, is hosting a quiz. This is a free event in celebration of the Day of the Seafarer, but there is a suggested £5 donation to take part, and every pound donated will help support seafarers and fishers in need. More details on the quiz, and to register, click here.