Bulletin: Happy Easter

As we head towards a well deserved long weekend and celebrate Easter, this week has seen the first steps of unlocking across England and we hope the Prime Minister’s Road Map doesn’t get derailed in the weeks ahead. Coronavirus cases across Europe seem to be on the increase once again and it is a reminder to us all of how difficult it is to plan for the future during a pandemic.

But plan for the future the government must and the Global Travel Taskforce Report is due to go the Prime Minister on 5 April and we expect we will get some idea of the outcome of the report then. We have worked very closely with our ferry and cruise members and had numerous meetings with officials and the Shipping Minister Robert Courts during the past few weeks. We will have to see what the outcome of the report is but we believe we have made a strong case on behalf of our membership for the safe resumption of international travel when appropriate to do so.

At the beginning of the week the Ever Given was still stuck across the Suez Canal. Our President John Denholm was on the Today Programme twice talking about the logistics options available to ship owners and our Director of Policy Peter Aylott spoke to NBC News in America and the Press Association, reflecting the international nature of the situation, but also our expertise on such matters. We were delighted to hear the news on Monday afternoon that the ship had been successfully refloated and everyone associated with the Chamber congratulates those involved in what was a herculean effort, working around the clock to move the vessel. The situation has demonstrated not only how important the Suez Canal is but how vital shipping is to global trade.

After Easter we will be running our next Webinar. This one is in partnership with Waves Group and will provide an insight into LNG as an energy source, its extraction process, shoreside storage, vessel loading facilities, types of vessels and bunkering operations. It will provide a practical guide to industry practices and the inherent risks and mitigations for transporting, handling, and bunkering of LNG. I know it will be a great event and you can sign up now.

Happy Easter.