Merchant Navy Posters for National Careers Week

Good Afternoon All,

I hope you are well! thank you for all the support you have given over the past few months to our Careers at Sea campaigns and projects.

As part of our National Careers Week campaigns both for now and in the week itself 1-6 March 2021, Careers at Sea are creating posters with a collage of pictures based around statements we often use in Merchant Navy career promotions, both printed, online and on social media. We have already created one with ‘ships come in all shapes and sizes’ and aim to create a few more (listed below)

Please can I ask if you (or companies you work with) are able to supply any photos you think would fit well with the following statements? Examples of what we are looking for in brackets, but please do get creative!

a.         Work all over the world (photos from ports/settings all over, shore leave)

b.         Close-knit team (photos of people with their crew, working together)

c.         Hands-on work (dirty hands, practical work, charts etc)

d.         Working with high-tech equipment and technology (college simulators, ECDIS on board) (nautical colleges have been approached)

e.         Gain quick responsibilities across different roles (bridge photo, safety training, engine room checks, epaulettes)

f.          A career with variety - no two days are the same (show us different locations, ship types, roles, crew, tasks)

g.         Not a 9-5 (night and day photos, on board celebrations, daily tasks, on-board lifestyle/downtime etc)

 I am keen to share the variety that a Merchant Navy career can offer so please do let me know if you think you are able to contribute to this project. I can reference companies or organisations where necessary.

 Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you

Thank you very much


For more information contact:

Rachel Gurnett

Training and Careers Manager

020 7417 2825 / 07471 357035