Quadrise Fuels International plc joins the UK Chamber of Shipping

The UK Chamber of Shipping is delighted to announce Quadrise Fuels International plc (“Quadrise”) as the latest organisation to join the Chamber.

The Chamber, which has nearly 200 members, is the voice of the UK shipping industry which contributes nearly £20bn a year to the UK economy and supports over 180,000 jobs.

Commenting on their membership, Jason Miles, Chief Executive Officer of Quadrise Fuels said:

“We are delighted to join the Chamber given it’s standing in the maritime sector. We look forward to engaging with fellow members and contributing to activities where we can, especially given the significant financial and environmental challenges and opportunities that the industry is facing.”

Welcoming Quadrise to the Chamber, Head of Membership Tony Jerome said:

“Quadrise has a proud reputation as an innovative company with a long history in developing cleaner and economical fuel solutions in the shipping and maritime sector, and we are honoured to welcome them to the Chamber.

“We are constantly looking to diversify and by growing our membership our voice becomes stronger and everyone at the Chamber looks forward to working with Quadrise to promote what they do and provide them with all the benefits of being a member of the UK Chamber of Shipping.”

About Quadrise Fuels International plc

Quadrise is a world leading emulsion fuels and technology company, which has developed through the application of existing technology, novel chemistry and unparalleled application experience, an innovative and disruptive fuel option, MSAR® (Multiphase Superfine Atomised Residue).  MSAR® is an enhanced, lower cost, emulsified synthetic heavy fuel oil for marine bunker, power and industrial applications. 

As MSAR® burns like a gas, it offers several environmental benefits when compared with conventional HFO including 20-50% lower NOx emissions, reduced ash and PM and energy savings. MSAR® use in conjunction with EGCS can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared with burning VLSFO, whilst complying with IMO 2020 regulations.  

A new renewable biofuel option, bioMSAR™, has recently been launched by Quadrise. bioMSAR™ combines conventional MSAR® technology with sustainable glycerine, to offers a 20-30% reduction in CO2 and SO2 emissions along with the environmental benefits of conventional MSAR® including a 20-25% reduction in NOx emissions over conventional bunker fuels.