Safety Culture Equals Good Business Sense

Safety Culture Equals Good Business Sense holds true, not just as the theme for our future two-day Safety Culture Seminar, but at all times. This Maritime Safety Week, the Safety Culture working group will have met to continue its collaborative efforts planning this event, alongside its exploration of how visible and felt leadership can impact company safety and sharing lessons learned. Through this group Chamber members can feed tangible experiences and inform guidance – so keep your eyes peeled for a newly revised Behavioural Safety Guide later this year.

Since the last Maritime Safety Week, a new Vehicle Deck Safety working group has been formed. Including colleagues from the ports, the working group is investigating how to bridge the gap from shore to ship and vice versa, including what advancements in technology and procedures there have been since industry guidance was published in early 2020. Look out for industry updates on Vehicle Deck Safety in the newly revived Chamber Employment Newsletter.

The Chamber’s Health and Safety Sub Committee twins with the National Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Committee (NMOHSC) and social partners RMT & Nautilus, which have together published Practical Guidance to Shipping Companies on Improving Mental Wellbeing as well as soon to be published guidance on Asbestos. Underpinning all safety guidance, is the importance of those in a position of responsibility leading by example. Members have reported this being a key factor in the adoption of the UK Chamber’s Safety Culture Charter and this year, companies will voluntarily peer review each others’ commitment actions to understand the impact it has made.

The importance of safety is with us year-round, so this Maritime Safety Week we thank our members for contributing to our safety mission - improving safety culture for a safer future for all. 

For more information contact:

Melanie White

Policy Advisor - Employment

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