Supporting National Careers Week

The maritime industry is vast and expansive, welcoming people from all sorts of backgrounds and career roots. Where did yours start? Perhaps you knew someone in the industry already? I wonder how many of you found out about the Shipping Industry from your school or when you were studying?

The MNTB has long invested in the training of UK seafarers and has sought to share insights on how young people can start their own Merchant Navy career pathways through Careers at Sea.

We support recruiters in their search for the next generation of seafarers; the key workers, future captains, rating apprentices and ships’ engineers and let’s not forget about those looking beyond, seeking to develop their training onboard ship before stepping into roles ashore.

So, what are we looking for? What does a future seafarer and maritime professional start with?


People passionate about any industry know its roots, its journey, its challenges. They will hold onto what’s important, but are also not afraid to explore how it could change. What that looks like depends highly on how and where these people start. What hooked them in in the first place and who was there to encourage them?

This is our challenge. Reaching people who can capture that passion for the sea, anchor themselves in its roots and be part of a wider team that can shape the future of the maritime industry, whether that’s onboard ship or beyond.

Our industry needs the big dreamers, creatives and innovative thinkers. Time and time again, we see young professionals stepping out with new ideas and projects to take maritime in a new direction, for the better of the industry.

Passion feeds this. A desire to see the industry grow and adapt, reflect worldwide industry developments and lead the way in new directions.

Through Careers at Sea, we want to encourage people passionate about maritime to consider a pathway into the Merchant Navy onboard ship and not only to work on ships, but to be part of the bigger picture, the wider maritime industry.. We want to spark passion by showing people how Merchant Navy careers can be a gateway to so much more.

Don’t just take my word for it, look at what our Careers at Sea Ambassadors have already helped us present and you’ll see what passionate people can do. Hear their stories, see what we’ve already been up to and get involved yourself - you can help us to make it bigger, stronger and louder. Join our campaigns and promotions, get involved and help us find those passionate seafarers that could be part of our maritime future.

Maritime Minister Robert Courts said “I’m delighted to support the Merchant Navy Training Board this National Careers Week. Seafarers, Port Workers, Engineers and many others are essential for maintaining the critical supply lines that we all rely on each and every day. There are a range of exciting careers in the maritime sector, so whether you’re starting your career, thinking about a change or just curious to know more, I’d urge you to take a look at the Careers at Sea Ambassador Stories.”

If you haven’t heard about National Careers Week yet, you should check it out. Through this platform, Careers at Sea can reach a huge number of young people that might never have considered a career in shipping before. During this week (1-6 March), we have campaigns and events to share all things Careers at Sea. How can you get involved? I’m glad you asked.

We’re calling on Ship owners, sponsoring companies, nautical colleges and shipping companies to help us show what a career in the Merchant Navy is all about in very simple ways:

We’ve attached a copy of our ‘How to Get Involved’ part 2 document to see how you can join us. You can also watch this video on how to take part in the week:

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Mention us @careersatsea and use these hashtags: #careersatsea #TidalTuesday #NCW2021

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