Time for international cruise to restart

Domestic cruise in the UK returned early in the year. Now the UK Chamber of Shipping is calling on the Government to allow international cruise to restart as well.

Bob Sanguinetti, UK Chamber of Shipping Chief Executive said:

“The cruise industry has done everything that has been asked of it over the past 16 months. There are new protocols in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of passengers and crew and many operators now require guests to be fully vaccinated, making it the safest environment in the travel and hospitality sectors.

“We know government ministers and officials are meeting to discuss the opening up of the international cruise sector and we are very hopeful that after doing everything the government has asked the correct decision will be taken and the sector will be allowed to start sailing again, not just around the UK, but internationally. 

“Freedom day has been and gone. The cruise industry should not be left high and dry – international cruising should be allowed to resume alongside wider international travel.”