Want to work at sea?

It’s simple really; if you want your story to be heard, you need to tell it. And we have stories to tell.

Where have your ships been in the last couple of years? All over the world? Working hard between ports, transporting, supporting and bringing vital resources in and out of the UK?

Imagine what could happen if we shared stories of our adventures at sea. Imagine the places we could go and the career we could develop.

It starts with our seafarers. They are the key workers who play a vital role in the transportation of vital supplies in and out of the UK.   In my role as Training and Careers Manager for the MNTB, I am in contact with seafarers of all ages and at different stages of their career and they are all incredibly passionate about the industry they work in. Careers at Sea helps to provide a means of sharing their experiences with those about to embark on their own career adventure, including people who might never have considered that pathway before.

Merchant Navy Careers go far beyond ships and shipping and Careers at Sea has worked hard over the last few years to shine a light on the many career opportunities in the Merchant Navy, opening pathways to wider maritime sectors as well as progression on board ship, from cadet to captain, apprentice to Chief Engineer and so many more. It might not always be easy, but there are people who will tell you it’s worth it.

We are working with our Careers at Sea Ambassadors again this year to promote Merchant Navy careers with National Careers Week. They provide a fantastic platform from which we can shout about the opportunities to work within the sector, starting from a career on board ship. Our volunteers offer their individual stories; it’s their first-hand experience that really stands out to people who hear it. But there’s also a bigger story to tell. Seafarers play a vital role, but what about yours?

Your organisations have a role to play in worldwide economy, vital resource transport and passenger experience. You can use the opportunity to show others what future seafarers can be part of; widen their perspective, show them where they fit in and how their role could contribute to the growth of shipping in the UK.

How? It’s simple really; if you want your story to be heard, you need to tell it. And you have stories to tell.

Seafarer? Become an Ambassador.

Ship owner? Show future seafarers where they could work.
Passionate about the industry? Get people involved and invite them in.

We help people find that start, if they’re up for the challenge!

For more information contact:

Rachel Gurnett

Training and Careers Manager

020 7417 2825 / 07471 357035