"The COVID – 19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on all our lives one way or another, but the long- term impact on seafarer training and education is only now becoming apparent. Many of our young UK Cadets in training have been unable to complete their sea time due to travel restrictions enforced nationally and internationally, none more affected than those Cadets being sponsored by cruise line companies whose vessels are either in warm lay up or temporarily out of operation. The MCA and the MNTB have offered a number of solutions that have helped to alleviate some of the issues, back to back college phasing, alternatives to sea time etc, but the consequences of our Cadets not securing sea time are far reaching and we need to do something now.

This is where you come in! We are appealing to shipping companies to come forward with the offer of a training berth/s so that we can then offer to one of the many Cadets whose training has been dramatically impacted due to their lack of sea time."

For more information contact:

Kathryn Neilson

Director, MNTB

020 7417 2824 / 07425 863810