Bridge Resource Management Guidance


Bridge Resource Management Guidance is the latest release from the UK Chamber of Shipping, being published December 2020 in partnership with Witherbys Seamanship

This operational handbook explores what good bridge resource management looks like and details, for all types of vessel, techniques for effective and optimised bridge teams.  It equips readers with the principles and practice necessary to avoid single point failures when executing a berth to berth voyage. Commonly encountered issues are highlighted and high level BRM principles illustrate the importance of an effective management strategy. 

This publication explores both the human and technical resources available to the bridge team, ensuring safe completion of the ship’s voyage. Tools such as the PACE model explain how crew can address operational weaknesses while avoiding confrontation on board. Case studies offer practical examples of ineffective BRM and solutions for how to improve passage planning. Illustrations effectively explain manning levels and the navigator/co-navigator concept. To note, the book is purely guidance and must be used at the reader’s own discretion.

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Chairman of the Chamber's BRM Task Force, Ville Patrikainen of P&O Ferries, commented:  

"We are delighted to announce the launch of the new guidance which we believe will introduce new industry wide standard principles of working as a team on the Bridge, and sets clear limits for interventions and aids defining roles and responsibilities. 

The guidance seeks to also improve safety in general by enhancing communications within and between teams, and ultimately prevent incidents involving single points of failure. I encourage uptake from all sectors and operations.“

For more information on the work of the BRM TF please contact Robert Merrylees,

Members of the Chamber of Shipping may avail of a free digital copy - should you wish to gain access, please contact Robert Merrylees,

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