Pilots' Pocket Guide & Checklist


This pocket guide is designed to promote and improve safety in harbour towage. Based on industry best practice, it includes checklists and guidance covering Pilot/Master exchange of information, harbour towage best practice, tug types and points of good seamanship for ships’ crew.

Harbour towage is a potentially hazardous business and should not be undertaken unless there has been a proper assessment of the risks involved. Good communication by all parties, proper planning with an understanding of what can go wrong and good seamanship are critical in ensuring that the risks are minimised.

Thorough training and appropriate experience are also essential in ensuring that the professionals involved are competent. To assist in this process, this guide aims to support pilots and PEC holders in their daily task. It draws on industry best practice and uses checklists, coupled with guidance, to provide a handy pocket aide memoire for those responsible for directing tugs during harbour towage.

The guide has been written by members of the British Tugowners Association in conjunction with the UK Maritime Pilots’ Association in order to promote and improve safety in harbour towage.

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Published 2016

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