Bulletin: London International Shipping Week is a month away

This week the Chamber and Nautilus International welcomed the assurance from the Government that masters and crews of merchant ships will not be criminalised for rescuing distressed persons at sea and bringing them ashore in the UK. 

We jointly expressed our concerns that the Nationality and Borders Bill marked a change to the Government’s approach to obligations under international maritime law to protect lives at sea.  We have received a letter stating that the Bill does not seek to punish humanitarian actions and that the Government recognises and welcomes the desire of individuals and community groups to help.  Its target is the ruthless criminal gangs who put lives at risk by smuggling people across the Channel. You can read the full press release here.

London International Shipping Week is a month away (13 - 17 Sep) and we will be running some great events during the week. On Tuesday 14th September we will be hosting ‘Maritime Trade Global Britain’ and on Thursday 16th September our event is titled ‘The Voyage to Decarbonisation’. Both events can be attended in person at the UK Chamber of Shipping offices (Park Street, SE1 9EQ - limited spaces are available) or online. To register, click here.